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We have developed three of the best email extractor software packages available on the market. Our stated aim is to cater for everyone and provide a working useful and reliable software, which we have achieved with all three versions of the Simple Email Extractor.

For different reason each of the software’s will suit different people and their needs, whether you are looking to get an email database for a one off marketing or are looking for larger email lists each one of our email extractors can meet your requirements.

All three versions are available to download free of charge and to install on to your computer so that you can test the software and see the different benefits each one offers…

The Simple Email Extractor Lite

Knowing that many of our clients only require a lightweight version of our email extractor software we have produced an extremely effective and easy to use email extractor.

It is our lowest priced software yet and produces accurate email databases, all you have to do is insert a search phrase and the SEE Lite will find a list of the top websites that are relevant to your search. The software will then proceed to strip out all of the email addresses contained in the found websites, you can then save the email list into a file that can be used in your marketing.

As this software is verycompact and easy to use it is well suited for use on laptops or older computers as it is very reliable and stable it is also very quick and can retrieve thousands of email addresses per hour.

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The Simple Email Extractor Pro

The SEE Pro has many additional functions that allow the user to increase the number of email addresses found in each search, whilst at the same time allowing you to stack multiple searches.

stacking multiple searches helps you to gather a larger email database without having to return to the computer. By changing each search slightly the extractor will find a new set of relevant websites and in turn a larger email list will be compiled.

A common way to stack searches is by searching on one topic of interest and then adding variations on location. You can also select your target search engine location giving a more relevant result set.

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 The Simple Email Extractor Ultimate

The Ultimate Email Extractor has all of the benefits and functionality of the Pro version, with some added extra’s. You will be able to merge searches which simplifies multiple searches, whilst being able to specify multiple countries which again will return larger email databases.

The ultimate extractor has many features built in that are designed to make it easier for you to use such as an email filtering system with an easy to use interface. Our intention was to produce the best email extractor we could with as many built in features as we could to make sure you were getting the very best results possible.

Why not download out Free Trial Version and take a look for yourself

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